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Glen Jensen

Founder, Fishing Picks

I started this blog as a hobby and as an avenue. I will share my little knowledge and infinite passion in this platform

A warm welcome to FisherPicks. This is mainly a blog where will be guidance, reviews and comparisons of fishing & outdoor  gears such as fishing rods, reels, kayaks, paddles, boats and towable tubes.

Just to be clear, we are neither a shop nor a shopping agent. We enlighten people about fishing and other outdoor gears. We will suggest best products and let visitors choose the right one for them.

Is that what we are really after?

To be very honest, we want to make money. Yes we are, but through providing real value to the visitors.

That means we will create contents that provide good information, list pros, cons of product and suggest the best place to buy it. We don’t want to influence your mind, but help you choose the right one by valuing the good and the bad.

If our content persuades you and you decide to buy using our link, we will get a small amount of commission.

It is not that the price will be higher if you buy using these links. The commission will be given by the seller or the selling company separately.

After all this is what encourages us to spend more time on reviewing products and writing to the depth.

Who is behind this site?

The name of the founder of this site is Glen Jensen. That is me who is writing this and will be writing contents for the blog.

I am an addict to technology and internet from small age. Was in content marketing and seo niche for some years, sold marketing related sites and made some good experience.

If there is anything I would love to hear or happy to do for you, you can contact me.


Glen Jensen

Founder, Fisher Picks