Top 5 Best Crawfish Baits – Our Effective Guide & Reviews

Are your kids always attached to electronic gadgets? Are you looking for a fun-filled activity with your family? Just pull your SUV out of the garage and go for a road trip. A quick tip for you, catching crawfish is considered as a family fun activity which strengthens the family bonding.

Here in this article, we have picked 5 best crawfish baits for your convenience. Please take a quick look at the article so that you can make your buying decision.

Once you are done fishing, you can turn these mini lobsters into a mouth-watering meal or you can surprise the kids by keeping them as an unusually cool pet!

Our Best Crawfish Bait Picks

Crawfish baits are very effective as it ensures a bigger catch. A list of top 5 crawfish baits is given below. It will reduce your confusion among all the varieties of baits available in the market.

1. RUNCL Anchor Box - Best Crawfish Trap Bait

RUNCL Anchor Box

Runcl Anchor Box is one of the best crawfish trap baits. It is famous for its quality material with excellent palatability with a taste like an actual craw which lets the fish hang for longer and increases the probability of catching.
You must be tired of getting your fishing hook snagged by water weeds or Lily pads. Keeping that in mind, these baits are featured with a special design.

The belly of the craw has extra layers of grooves for easy inserting of hooks and hiding of hook points to avoid unwanted hooking.

This product has an overall design of a high-resolution body detail with two big pinchers, lifelike eyes, tentacles to replicate an actual crawfish and attract more catches. The color is also sprinkled with a touch of glitters to reflect light from all directions and attract a more significant score.

It comes as a package of a total of 40 pieces, eight pieces from five different colors. The price is also very much budget friendly, you will need to spend less than 18 dollars to buy such a fantastic tool.

  • Excellent packaging organized by each color
  • Realistic appearance flaps well on the water
  • Ensures durability
  • Weedless design feature
  • Not suitable for saltwater
  • Takes time to attract a fish

2. Rebel Big Craw - Best Crawfish Lure

Rebel Big Craw

If you are looking for a bigger catch to impress your family, then Rebel Big Craw Crawfish Fishing Lure can be your lifesaver. It is specially designed for catching larger, deep runners and can go down up to a length of 10 feet below the water.

Sometimes you would want to reach the deeper portion as it ensures better reach for fishing. By using this fishing lure, you can easily land your target area in a deeper range. The appearance of the bait is also very fancy and realistic, it accurately mimics the physic of a fleeing crawfish.

The pulsating action is very distinctive and proven effective in rivers and streams. It is sold in a single unit. The price range of 1 piece is between $8 to $12. If you are already dreaming of a fish bar-b-q, just grab this bait to turn your dream into a reality.

It is famous for targeting species like bluegill, trout, and bass. You can easily use it on both river and stream water.

  • Very effective
  • Suitable for different species of fishes
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Can penetrate deep water area
  • Sometimes miss targets
  • Can be time-consuming

3. Savage Gear 3D Craw

Savage Gear 3D Craw

You must be wondering that why the shapes of the fishing lures are like a craw fish. The answer is most of the big fishes are fond of craw fish. Keeping that in mind, this fishing lure has been designed as a replica of a craw fish.

Big female bass consumes craw fish as a staple food because it helps them to develop egg. To attract more and more bass, these baits are designed with salty texture, iodine, and craw fish fragrance.

It has been done so that the baits can create a real-life appearance and fascinate more and more big catches. If you want to use a stand-up jig head or a Carolina rig, then these baits can be an excellent choice.

The bait has air-filled claws and carapace for the ultimate underwater movement. Its head cavity lets the craws float without any disruption.

This product is designed with exaggerated antenna and legs for ensuring lifelike actions. The core material of the baits is a soft PVC of excellent quality. It is also artificially scented as craw fish for better performance.

  • Great attention to detail
  • Performs radically
  • Attracts fishes to a great extent
  • Expensive
  • Can’t sustain more than 2/3 bites

4. Zoom Super Speed Craw

Zoom Super Speed Craw

Planning for a fishing trip but low on budget? Not to worry as you can buy the Zoom Super Speed craws at a low price. A pack of 8 baits will cost you below 7 dollars only. It is not only affordable but also performs great! Zoom super speed baits make a fantastic trailer for jigs.

For more lifelike action it has two big pinchers at the front, and the flappy claws move around the water like a real one. It successfully creates a bustle in the water to attract more fishes.

Another fantastic feature is, the bait material is mixed with salt so that the fishes hold on it for a long period to allow you more time to hook up.

It is very lightweight, around 16 ounces so very convenient to carry around the fishing place. A typical scenario of fishing is to get the hook tangled with weeds. You will not be facing that trouble also as these baits are designed with weedless technology to save your time.

  • Moves freely through weeds
  • Salty taste attracts big basses
  • Good for jigs
  • Holds up lots of action
  • The tail gets ripped off after a few catches
  • Low durability of the product

5. Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish Bait

Lixada Soft Fishing Lure

Lixada crawfish baits are a must have in your fishing kit to get the ultimate fishing experience. The lures are designed in a crawfish shape with holographic textures. It is made of high-quality PVC.

In this product, the legs, body, and claws create a realistic twisting action on the water to attract more catches towards it.

Also, you do not need to invest for the same product frequently as the brand assures longevity and durability. You can enjoy its ambidexterity nature, can be used from rock, reef, river, lake, and whatnot. It works great for working in a Texas rig or trailer for a jig.

The two shaded front claws and the glittery body tends to attract more fishes. It usually is 8 cm long and weighs 14gm and comes with a hook. A single unit and per unit will cost below $10.

  • Works for both small mouth and large mouth fish
  • The texture attracts the fishes
  • Ensures higher probability for the catch
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Works slowly in hard water
  • Low durability

How To Choose The Best One

Not all baits are equally effective. The fruitfulness of baits depends on multiple factors such as color, water type, weather, etc. Keep on reading to know more.

Identify The Target Species

The type of bait required is influenced by the kind of fish you are targeting to catch. You need to think of the size and nature of the species, based on that your bait size needs to be increased or decreased.

It is better to do research on the preying habit of your target species. The usual rule is that the bait must mimic the size and physic of the prey of the fish you are targeting.

Color Selection

You simply can't imply your favorite color in the case of bait selection! If you buy a pink bait as it is your favorite color, then consider this fishing mission as a failure.

Fishes tend to eat things that live in lakes and do not want them to be seen by other predators easily. So rather than bright colors, you need to choose more natural hues to keep it realistic. Green, black, brown, grey; these colors are usually safe to use as it attracts more catches.

Water Temperature

Try to measure the temperature of the water before fishing. Because the movement of the fishes depend on the temperature and so does for the baits.

In cold water, you better use slow-moving baits like Texas-rigged worm, shaky head and things like that. In warmer water, you need faster baits such as craw bait, spinner bait, and topwater baits.

Water Transparency

Please check upon the type of water you are fishing for the best selection of baits.

The baits color should match the color of the water. If the pool or the bottom is murky, it is better to go for darker colored baits like black, blue, brown. In clear water, you should maintain the natural hues in the shade of white, grey, or silver.

Tips For Catching Crawfish

Catching crawfish is not rocket science. You just need to focus on a few things to get positive results. Take a look at the checklist below.

The Correct Bait

The first thing you need to know is that a crawfish is attracted to fresh meat. It will not be tempted to old, smelly chicken. So no matter what type of bait you are using, make sure those are fresh.

For your consideration, crawfish mostly drive for oily fish such as salmon, carp, perch, and trout. Sardines, squids, eels will not work as a bait, as crawfish do not eat those.

Instead of fish, you can use raw meat or chicken or pork. If you are looking for a shortcut, you can also use pieces of hot dog or fish-coated cat food.

Choosing A Catching Method

Crawfish catching is full of fun. There are several processes of catching crawfish like using a fishing pole, open or closed traps or even by bare hands. None of the processes is expensive and do not require much equipment. Just decide on your method and act accordingly.

Fishing License

In many states, you need to acquire a fishing license to catch crawfish. Once you get the permit, you are free to find as many as you want, throughout the year.

Apart from the exclusive permission, you can also obtain a family fishing license, which is more convenient. Just make sure, if you are using crawfish trap, the license number is attached with it along with your name and address.

Weather Condition

It is a remarkable fact for you to know that crawfish are more active during the warmer months of the year. So the best time for crawfish catching is between April to October. Crawfish is available in colder months also, but you have to wait with patience and can not expect to catch in an adequate amount.

Living Place Of Crawfish

If you want to catch crawfish, you must look for lakes, ponds, or streams with fresh water. Also, they are also found in springs, canals, and bedrock pools.

Crawfish are generally freshwater crustaceans and can be found in many bodies of water around the world. They prefer slow-moving water with lots of rocks or vegetation to ensure cover. You have to target the bank area or holes in the middle of the water to get a proper hold.

Proper Timing

If it is not a family day trip, you should plan the activity at night time. Because crawfish are nocturnal and remains most active at night, especially in warmer water or during summer.

So it is better for you to plan the activity at dusk. If you are too lazy, you can simply leave the traps in the water overnight and collect the next day. To find the trap easily in the following day, attach a string tied around a cork.

The cork will float on the water and will be easier for you to find. However, it does not mean you cannot catch crawfish in the day time. Of course, you can, but if you opt to catch in a more significant amount, then you might go fishing at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these baits good for catching carp?

- No, these baits are salty crawfish flavored. But carps feed on algae or vegetation, they do not eat meat. So, crawfish or live bait will not attract them.

Do the baits float?

- Yes, of course. Most of them are made of rubber or PVC which are floatable. If it fails to float, you won't be able to catch.

Are the baits reusable?

- Yes, but usually most of the baits cannot sustain more than 4/5 bites. As long as your baits are intact, you are good to go. But practically you need to refill your bait kits very frequently no matter which one you are using.

How to avoid my hook being tangled with weeds?

- Some of the baits are designed with weedless technology. The belly part of those baits is so soggy that the sharp head of the hook can remain covered. So, it does not tangle with the weeds or lily pads. You can look for the baits featured with weedless technology.

Can I use them in saltwater?

- It is advisable to use in freshwater only as the materials used are not suitable for saltwater. Also, the type of fishes targeted to catch with the baits is mostly available in clear or freshwater.


Are you all set to grab your fishing kits? Look for a sunny weekend and just go out fishing without thinking twice!

Remember, it is one of the best ways to strengthen your bonding with the family. If your mind is set, you can just grasp any of the crawfish baits and call for the catch. In case you feel confused, just go through the writing once again to finalize the best crawfish bait to buy.

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