5 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards – Top SUP Reviews

We all have different ways that we want to spend our free time. Summers are sometimes very hot that you would want to spend time on the lake or river. Surfing is one of the best ways to do this.

However, do you know how handy inflatable stand up paddle boards can be in such a moment? In this article, we shall review the top boards to help you shop for the best.

Shopping for any item is never an easy job. Paddle Boards, for instance, can be so difficult to differentiate. We have made it easier for you.

Below we have sampled the best inflatable stand up paddle boards to ensure you enjoy your vacation or free time. Let us now look into details on each one;

5 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards




Our Score


serenelife inflatable sup


275 lbs


pathfinder inflatable sup


240 lbs


peak inflatable paddle board

Peak 11'

275 lbs


irocker inflatable sup

iROCKER Cruiser

400 lbs


ten toes inflatable sup

Ten Toes 10'

250 lbs


Best Inflatable SUP Board Reviews

1. SereneLife - Best SUP Board for Beginners

serenelife inflatable sup

Quality and safety are the key things for any marine game or time passing hobby. With the SereneLife paddle, you are guaranteed to have this.

This is an inflatable paddle suitable for both adults and children. Importantly, it has been made in such a way that you can just fold and carry with you with ease inside a bag.

The paddle comes with a full package with all the necessary tools and a manual on how to set it up, all in a convenient backpack.

In addition, the paddle board is made of a high-quality material that ensures it is durable. Again, the paddle is suitable for weights up to 275 pounds. You can opt to either stand or lie on it as it has a wide surface to accommodate this. Some of the key features of this product are;


  • Wide design that ensures that super stability and balance while standing
  • Triple bottom panel fins that ensure you have an easy and superior maneuverability
  • Non-Slip soft top deck making it suitable for even learners and limits accidents and injuries
  • Complete paddleboard kit making it a money saving product and also time-saving

What We Liked

  • The paddle is suitable for even learners
  • Comes in a complete kit which makes it easy to set up
  • Inflatable and portable making it easy to carry with you anywhere
  • Bottom fins make it easy to row

What We Didn't Like

  • The product is very costly
  • The manual inflating can be tiresome

Should You Buy This Product or Not?

If you are a beginner, then this is the right product for you. Consider going for this as it will make you learn to surf easily.

However, it is also not a very safe paddle but serves the purpose well. It is hence best suited for beginners and learners.

2. Pathfinder - Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

pathfinder inflatable sup

Different people prefer different kinds of surfing. There are those that go for small water bodies and those that enjoy large water surfaces.

If you are looking for the best inflatable paddle board under $400, then the Pathfinder is the right product for you. It is best suited and manufactured to withstand any kind of water and condition.

The paddle is also wide enough to accommodate any form of surfing. Be it standing or lying with measurements of about 9.9 inches and 5 inches.

It is also portable hence easy to tag along. It also comes in a complete kit with a bag. Again, the board itself has shoulder straps hence can be carried easily without the bag.

Importantly, the paddle is made out of high-quality PVC material to ensure that it is durable. It is also stitched strongly in multi-layer drops.

One unique feature of this inflatable paddle is the bungee that ensures the onboard cargo is secure and the D ring is attached to a leash. Key features include:


  • Wide sup design for any form of surfing
  • Made out of a durable and high-quality PVC material
  • Bungee for securing onboard cargo
  • Complete kit with a manual to ensure easy setup
  • Bottom fin for easy movements
  • Optional carrying designs

What We Liked

  • You can opt to carry your board in either the bag or on your back
  • The bungee that secures onboard cargo
  • The bottom fin that ensures easy movement
  • Suitability to any kind of waters and conditions
  • The high-quality material used to make the paddle

What We Didn't Like

  • Does not state to whom it is best suited
  • Manual pumping can be tiresome

Should You Buy This Product or Not?

This is a very costly yet very convenient board. There is a limited explanation on how safe it is.

However, as per the features given and depending on your budget, this is arguably the product to go for as it serves a wide range of purpose and options.

3. Peak 11' - Expedition Stand Up Paddle Board

peak inflatable paddle board

Surfing can be turned into a money-making project or job. There are hence those that take it as a profession. You need a special board for competing. With the peak 11’ expedition board, your professional skills are guaranteed and importantly your own safety.

This is a special board manufactured to serve the purpose of exploration and competing. Compared to other boards, this one is much lighter and serves all kinds of water.

It's perfect for all types of skills and conditions. It can support weights of up to 275 lbs. with an option of tagging along with a pet or a cooler.

Transportation of the board and storage is the easiest thing ever. You simply deflate, and you have an option of manipulating it to any shape you want.


  • GRI Dual Action High-Pressure Hand Pump although it is compatible with electric pumps
  • Made out of top quality and durable lightweight Military Grade Dual Layer PVC
  • Can serve as a board or a comfy mattress when out camping
  • Wide sup design for proper stability and balance
  • Comes in matched colored accessories and an extra free phone case
  • Bottom fin for easier movement

What We Liked

  • Compatible to electric pumps
  • Serves all kinds of skills, water, and conditions
  • Can be converted to a mattress
  • It is much lighter when deflated than all the others
  • Free phones casing that is waterproof

What We Didn't Like

  • Inflating manually can be tiresome
  • It is a very expensive board

Should You Buy This Product or Not?

This is quite a costly board. However, if you can afford it and with all the features we have highlighted, then this is definitely a board worth spending on. Its safety is superb and the wide range of compatibility is very inviting.

4. iROCKER Cruiser - Best Value Inflatable sup

irocker inflatable sup

Everyone wants to look like a pro in any board or any visible products to their peers. Making an impression is hence very important.

With the iROCKER Cruiser, you will not only look like a pro or make an impression but are likely to wow everyone who will be on that lake or river. This is a top-quality board.

Compared to all the others, this is extremely stable with a very wide sup design and very long. It has adjustable fiberglass paddles that are half the weight of the normal paddles. Again, the board paddle blades are made of rubbers to ensure that you do not chip off your board.

The board comes in a complete accessory kit in a comfy back bag. It is also large enough to have room for extra luggage.


  • Fiberglass paddle with rubber edges that ensures your board does not get chipped off
  • Triple action high capacity hand pump with a triple action dual chamber
  • The back bag is equipped with an inner board strap to ensure your board does not shift
  • Wide sup design and long for proper stability and balance plus safety
  • Bottom fins for easier movements

What We Liked

  • Fiberglass paddles
  • Extremely stable and safe
  • Triple action pump with dual chambers makes inflating fast
  • Very big back bag to accommodate extra luggage

What We Didn't Like

  • Can be very heavy to carry
  • Takes time to set up

Should You Buy This Product or Not?

This is a very costly board. However, it is also from top quality construction, top safety consideration, and world-class design. Its features have stood out over all the other boards.

This is a board that you would not feel the pinch of spending top dollars for it as it is a quality product.

5. Ten Toes 10' - Best Inflatable SUP for Ocean

ten toes inflatable sup

Affordability and quality are often every shopper’s number one feature to look at. People want a product that serves several purposes simultaneously and at a budget-friendly price. This is what the ten toes 10’ weekender board offers.

The board has a wide sup design that can accommodate you while standing or lying. Again, it comes in 11 different colors offering you a wide range to choose from. It's suitable for all kind of water conditions. Its safety features are also pretty decent.

This paddle-board is arguably the most stable on the water. It can accommodate weights of up to 250 lbs with an option of having extra baggage on.

It also can be rolled to any design when deflated to make it easy to carry. Importantly, it is made out of a high-quality material making this one durable and stable.


  • Bottom fins make movements easy and fast
  • Complete set kit and a manual for easy fixing
  • Made out of a high quality and durable military-grade PVC, making it virtually indestructible
  • SUP bundle that’s comes with an indestructible iSUP
  • Adjustable & lightweight aluminum paddle
  • Three removable nylon fins
  • Manual pump

What We Liked

  • Very stable board compared to the others
  • The high-quality material making it durable
  • Extra room for baggage
  • Its safety features make it stand out
  • Applicable to all kinds of water conditions and skills

What We Didn't Like

  • Inflating manually can be tiresome
  • Lack of compatibility with electric pumps

Should You Buy This Product or Not?

Compared to all the other products, this board has a combination of affordability and quality. Again, it is suitable for all skills and conditions.

It can serve both amateurs and professionals. The price is relatively fair for all these features, and it is very safe. It is hence one of the best boards to own.

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Things to Consider Before Shopping Inflatable SUP Boards

Decision making is arguably the most difficult thing to do. Inflatable stand up paddle boards, for instance, have so many things to consider while buying. It is not easy to shop for one if not well guided or aware of what is required.

However, worry not. We are here to help you out and make the shopping process as easy as possible. Here are a few things to consider;

1. Hull and Fin Type

hull and fin type

These are the two most important thing for any board. The hull is the body of the board while the fin helps in the movement speed of the board. Ensure then that the material that the hull is made of is of high quality and durable.

This is to ensure that your board does not wear out so fast or cannot withstand some conditions or kinds of water.

On the fin, go for the adjustable ones as they help you have them in a position that you will have the board in the best functioning condition.

Make sure the board is strong and durable. Otherwise, you will end up replacing it from time to time and end up wasting a lot of money

2. Affordability

Cost is very important. Boards are available at different prices. Some have the same features. You may find a board with a very high price tag and has similar features with another one with a very low price.

Some products are sold are also part of a brand name hence the varying prices. Ensure then that you do not spend on a brand name but a board that serves your need.

3. Purpose

Inflatable boards can serve different purposes. Other than surfing, you may use it as a mattress while camping or use it for yoga. The purpose you need the board is hence important as it will help you get to know which board to go for.

Again, here it will help you either save a few bucks or spend even more than you intended.

The purpose may also be in terms of professional or amateur. If you require a board for professional ventures, then you will need a much more sophisticated board. However, if you need it for simple fun moments, then you just need a simple but safe board.

4. Where to Shop

The problem of counterfeits has become so common in this era and time that you need to know where to buy your boards in case it turns out not to be what you expected then you can have your money guaranteed back.

If you are buying online, then ensure that you buy from a legit and well-known site. In case you want to buy from a shop, then go to the legit manufactures shop or an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers are always listed on the product’s official websites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to pump up a paddle board?

How many people can ride on a single board?

What is a SUP paddle board?

What length of sup do I need?

To what measurement should I inflate my board?

Final Thoughts

Different boards have different features and different prices. Importantly they serve different purposes.

Depending on the kind of purpose you need that board for, you may go for the most sophisticated and prestigious board like the iROCKER Cruiser. However, depending on your pocket, and purpose, go for what best suits your need.

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