Best Transom Saver Reviews of 2021 [Latest Picks]

It’s always fun to go on a trip on your boat and perhaps catch some fishes. Wonder what that has got to do with transom savers?

Well, boat or ship owners can agree that trailering their water body vehicles can be a pain in the ass, especially when you are trying to trailer without causing any damage to the transoms.
This is where these things come in action to save your day; I mean your transom. Herein, we have scooped out a list of the best transom saver money can buy.
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Who Needs A Transom Saver?

Thinking whether your boat really needs a transom saver or not?
Let me tell you;These are effective tools that would help keep your boat safe and secure while trailering it. The need for a transom saver depends on what type of boat you have.
The condition of the floor, trailering speed, and motor weight can affect the transom that builds the stern of your boat. These devices usually distribute the weight of the boat so that trailers do not have to bear excess weight on the hind rollers.
So, spending a bit on them could get rid of the frown from your face if something were to happen to your precious boat. There would be no point risking your boat getting damaged.

Our Top Picks for The Best Transom Saver

Picking out the best transom saver out of a cluttered pool might be difficult as different ones from different companies offer different models, shapes, and added benefits to them.
Go through our top 5 picks and choose whichever one that would suit your need!

1.Extreme Max

First off, comes the Extreme Max 3005.3852 Straight Transom Saver. The reviews of this one are great as users thought this tool did its job well, and I don’t think choosing this for your boat would be a bad decision.
So, this thing is straight and does not bend and mounts on the back-side rollers of the trailer. The useful thing about this tool is that it helps stabilize the trim of the motor and power to avoid the trailer getting damaged.
Although small in size while not extended, it can stretch up to 21 to 31 inches. It is made of steel, which makes it durable and rigid. It also has a rubber V-shaped block that grips on to the vehicle.
It is easy to install and remove, so, you won’t be having to waste time figuring out how it actually works. Besides, if you are not happy with the product, the company offers to replace certain parts of it too.


•The tool is extendable.
•Made of steel, so it is durable.
•Has a V-shaped grip.
•Helps evenly distribute motor weight.


•Grip size is not adjustable.

2. Attwood Heavy Duty Transom Saver

This tool does not need much explanation when it comes to performance. Clearly, it is meant for boats that are on the heavier side.
The Attwood Heavy Duty Transom Saver is perfect for heavy duty work. Its lifted outboard can actually take hundreds of pounds of pressure off the transom. It also supports the cantilevered weight that the motor has.
It helps stabilize the mechanism of steering and the engine during trailering. The tool has built-in bolt-on brackets as well as rollers which I find to be quite helpful for trailering boats without damaging the transom.
The tube is clear and anodized too. It has a heavy-duty head to grip on to the vehicle that would not snap off. This device has three different slots for the extension, so you can adjust the length according to your preferences. It is quite durable and strong, so it would not break or bend easily.


•Can bear a lot of weight.
•It can be extended.
•The grips are sturdy.
•The tool has bolt-on brackets and rollers.


•The extension might not be as sturdy as the head.

3. Extreme Max Heavy Duty Transom Saver

Extreme Max is quite a popular brand when it comes to transom savers. The users are quite satisfied with the service of their products.
Now, this tool is meant for heavy duty work. And when I say heavy duty, I mean HEAVY duty! It is meant for slightly larger boats or vehicles.
This product would be effective for protecting your transom since it is very durable and made of steel. The installation and removal process is quite easy, so there is no worry about that. This guy can fit any and all trailers due to its specific design.
It evenly distributes the weight of the motor throughout the boat and puts less stress on the transom of your boat.
This version of the saver has a plated finish that prevents corrosion and damage to the device itself.It is angled and has an extension option. The product has 2 mounting options, a V-shaped grip along with a rubber strap to hold things in place.


•Can carry a lot of weight.
•Easy to use.
•Can fit onto any vehicle.
•Varied mounting options.
•Plated finish prevents wear from corrosion.


•Some might find this tool to be too large.

4. Five Oceans Adjustable Motor Support Bracket Transom Saver

If you need a transom saver that can pull off heavy duty and light duty work at the same time, then this is the tool for you.
It is made to work with all types of small boats. It is compatible with most outboard motors that run up to 150 horsepower.
I like the fact that this saver can be adjusted and extended from 21.5 inches to 31 inches. It also includes a rubber strap. The product is durable and sturdy as it is made with high-quality materials, so it will resist wears from water and the marine environment.
The other cool thing about this product is that it helps to stabilize the engine mechanism along with the steering during trailering.
Again, this tool has a dual mount motor bracket support strut that is equipped with shock absorbers made of rubber. This means the vehicle would be protected from any stress or shock while trailering. It also has a bolt-on adapter and a quick-release pin for the trailer.


•Heavy duty and can fit any water vehicle.
•The product is durable.
•It has shock absorbers to prevent damage.
•Can extend up to 31 inches.
•Has a 10-inch rubber strap.


•Not suitable for outboard motors exceeding 150hp.

5. Attwood MD Angled Adjustable Reach Transom Saver

The transom savers from Attwood are adjustable in multiple ways. If you are looking for heavy duty devices, you could give this one a try.
This product catches the attention of possible customers with its unique 30 inches to 60 inches angle adjustment that starts from 0 and bends till 36 degrees. It also has 12-degree increments. It also has a locking feature to prevent unintentional detachments.
The product is also equipped with heavy duty rubber pads to prevent damage to the lower unit. Its innovative design makes it compatible to fit with most trailers. The product is very durable as it is made of steel. It will not break or wear as it has a corrosion resistant finish applied on the tubes.


•Heavy duty product.
•Can be adjusted and bent up to 36 degrees.
•Has a lock system to protect the product.
•Includes heavy duty rubber pads.
•Fits most trailers.


•Some might find it too small in length.

Before You Buy, What to Look For

There are certain things you should look for before buying investing your money. The length, durability, installation process, or checking whether they are angled or straight are the factors that should be researched about before buying.


Different transom savers come in different lengths and sizes. Some are extendable and adjustable in size while some are not. It all depends on your preferences and the size and type of boat.
Some can extend up to 60 inches starting from 20 inches. A lot comes in a design that is compatible with most, if not all, boat types. I have skimmed through reviews and found that the shortest length that gives the vehicle road clearance is the preferable length adjustment.

•Transom Saver Design Types

Many devices found in the market or online would give you two design options to choose from. One being an angled one while the other is straight. This too depends on your preferences as they serve slightly different purposes.
Selecting the type will be based on the outboard set up you have.You might find one that is straight to be more suitable for your set up or one that bends more suitable for your set up. Certain angled devices can also be adjusted.If you think you might need an angled one, then go for it!

•Installation Process

Installing a transom saver can be a real bugger if you don’t know what you are doing. Or if the installation process is too complicated. So, opting for a device that would be easy to install compared with the others found in the market would be the best one for you to choose if you are new to this.
These things are meant to limit the movement of the boat and prevent the transom from getting damaged during trailering on the road as roads can be bumpy. It helps distribute the weight of the motor throughout the trailer by connecting to it.


A lot of the units found in the market might have a lot of nifty features, but they would not be useful if the tool is not durable. Different companies offer different benefits but choosing the ones that would be durable enough to last quite some time after buying would be better.
Steel transom savers are the best in this case as they are sturdy and rigid and would not bend or break easily. But steel is weak against corrosion, so the ones that come with a protective anti-corrosion finish or layer is a must.

•Heavy or Light Duty?

Choosing the appropriate device, in this case, depends on your boat, whether it is heavy with a heavy motor that runs on high horsepower or whether it runs on low horsepower.
Boats that run on high horsepower need heavy duty transom savers and boats that run on low horsepower can make do with regular ones;it’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked queries we found online that are sure to help you out with choosing the right appliance;

1.What do transom savers do?

Ans: Transom savers protect the rear side of the boat from damage while trailering on the road.

2.Are the U attachments for the rollers included with the unit?

Ans: Yes, they usually are.

3.Do these devices attach to motors that have manual trims?

Ans: Yes, if the product comes with a bungee cord or a stretchy strap with a hook. Many of the products do come with it.

4.Where do transom savers attach to?

Ans: The U side of the transom savers usually attaches to the rear roller of the trailer. A lot of these devices come with a dual mounting option.

5.My trailer does not have a roller, what type of transom saver should I look for?

Ans: The ones that have the option of dual mounting where one of them can be attached to the cross frame on the rear side of the trailer. Mounting bracket options are useful in this case.

Final Words

In my opinion, getting the best transom saver that would protect a much more costly thing would be a wise choice. It can actually be helpful in saving the transom of the boat from damage while trailering.
So, why take the risk at all?

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