Best Ultralight Spinning Reels – (Top 5) Reviews & Recommendation

All set to go ultralight fishing?
But, you want to make sure first that you are making the right choice of a spinning reel. We can’t stress this enough. The right lightweight spinning reel is as important as getting a matching rod, lure or line.

A best ultralight spinning reel is your best bet if you are an angler like me or a kid who is starting out and want to make your weekend expedition full of fun.

Other reasons you want to go ultralight may be to maintain a minimal weight while organizing for a backpacking tour. It could also be because you frequently hop between rocks in trout brooks and want it all light.

Regardless of your reason, selecting the best suitable spinning reel is what you want to do.

To make the task super easy for you, we have provided in this guide all you need to know about making the right choice and also recommended 5 b​​​​​est ultralight spinning reels based on our research for your consideration.

Why You Need an Ultralight Spinning Reel?

A fishing reel needs to be below eight ounce-weight to be considered ultralight. It also makes it easy by reducing strain when fishing all day.

Most fishermen prefer to go ultralight when targeting trout, crappie, minute panfish or other small game fish.

When you use an ultralight spinning reel together with a lightweight pole and lures, you have a comparative advantage. It will offer you a quiet appearance and craftier cast which tote up to less spooked fish and more bites on the whole.

Other reasons for going ultralight route include minimizing exhaustion, reducing the amount of fishing gear especially when on long-distance tours and making it more difficult catching and dragging larger fishes.

Besides, spinning reels work best for managing lightweight fishing line and for casting lighter lures. The most commonly used line for ultralight fishing is a 4-pound test line.

A line smaller than 4-pound will transmit even the lightest long distant lures and at the same time maintain enough strength to resist snapping from the smack of a trout or bass.

Our Picks of the Best Ultralight Spinning Reels

Navigating the market for the best ultralight spinning reel can be daunting. But we have made the task super easy for you!

We committed several hours of research reviewing the market for the best ultralight spinning reels, and we have come up with a list of best five.

If you are considering going ultralight, consider checking out these five ultralight spinning reels reviews out!

Now, let’s quickly get down to it!

1. Pflueger President | Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Under 100

Pflueger President

This affordable Pflueger President spinning reel makes a great gear for lightweight fishing expeditions. It comes in a braid ready spool which makes it easy for the braid to be tied straight on to the spool. The slow oscillation gearing of this reel boosts line arrangement and reduces twisting of the line.

Although the reel gearing speed is low, it makes up for it with a 10 count corrosion resistant bearing, correct line capacity, and good drag performance. The line capacity compared to other models is not too much and spools 4lb test braid for just 180yds.

The reel also works great for plunging the lake and river. It has a slower retrieve speed which may seem awkward initially, but when you realize how it helps to keep lighter baits hanging over the waters for an extended period, you’ll come to appreciate it.

This reel works fine with a four- pound line and gives you a very smooth cast. It lets the bail open and closes reliably.

It is a perfect choice of spinning reel for a weekend expedition on the shore and can help you fish out all day without being strained.


  • Provides a great value for the price

  • Offers you a very accurate smooth and soft cast

  • Ultralight, tough and comes with a comfortable feel

  • Rubber handle on the reel gives you a good grip whether your hands are wet or dry

  • Comes with excellent construction and can serve you for many years


  • Gears grind a bit more like the oscillating gear just before the rear-side

  • Reel only spins for one-and-a-half to two times when compared to some Pflueger reels that spin roughly ten times

  • Adjusting the setting of the drag is a bit tricky

  • Jerks when used for the first time which could be a problem if the drag setting is high during a hard smack

2. Piscifun Honor | Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Under 50

Piscifun Honor

Piscifun Honor Spinning Reel is structured for convenient use both on fresh water and salt water. It offers great tackling features and comes with sealed bearings for better protection from corrosion and at the same time working smoothly and seamlessly.

The main shaft and components are made up of stainless steel to make it resistant to corrosion. Its bail system is highly durable, and it comes with a compact CNC machined aluminum that enhances its lightweight nature.

The rotor is made of fiber rotor which makes it extremely light and at the same time maintains its strength and long-lasting ability. Honor comes with good grip and improved comfort. The product offers superior casting management for every type of fishing lines.

It works well with a kastking 7″ medium Royale Legend Casting and Spinning rod and comes with a well-matching color scheme. The 3000 sizes can comfortably haul a big sheepshead and hold 410yds of 40lb braid.

The 30lb braid works great on the reel. Its 4000 size is good for fishing King Salmon, but if you are targeting bass, it is a bit large.


  • The casting is smooth

  • Withstands heavy usage and still works well

  • Light and comes with an overall feel of good quality components

  • Is solid, feels solid and looks good with fantastic reel colors

  • Great casting experience and distance even while using extremely light lures

  • Powerful drag system manages catches without issues

  • Drags feels remarkably smooth


  • The handle does not have additional fold down further

  • Hard to re-engage the bail with the grip

3. Shimano Stradic CI4B+ | Front Drag Fishing Reel

Shimano Stradic CI4B

The Shimano Stradic CI4B+ Spinning Fishing Reel comes in outstanding design and fine looks. Its lightweight structure, smooth and a solid feel make it a preferred choice of anglers.

It comes with excellent technologies like the Hagane gear, G X-SHIP, Core Protect, and many excellent features which offer a great super light feel when you spin the grip. These reels can comfortably haul Texas Sea Trout above 20 without any issue.

Stradic CI4B+ works perfectly as the best ultralight spinning combo and delivers excellent result even after heavy use in saltwater. This reel is super smooth, and all parts are properly designed and rightly machined together.

The 4000 sized reel works well for inshore saltwater striped bass targeting. It works perfectly well, and the reel has sufficient power and a very smooth feel. Despite the size, it is strong enough to catch a keeper size without constituting any issues whatsoever.

It can cast a very long distance with the reel and drag working perfectly and buttery smooth. Though they are not cheap, they come with enough value for the prize. The functionality makes it better than Abu and other Shimano spinning reels.

The Shimano Stradic C14+ is the best ultralight spinning reel for trout. Many fishermen swear to its supper functionality.

It comfortably hauls fishes roughly up to 5 pounds even when stuck in the mud and covered in weeds. Its 5.4 oz lightweight nature makes it work perfectly and feels great on ultralight, light and medium rods bass fishing.


  • Offers a fantastic casting and retrieves rate

  • Provides an excellent value for the cost

  • Very reliable, highly durable and comes with zero maintenance

  • Delivers excellently without line twist

  • The drag is super smooth and strong

  • Performs well under extreme temperatures, wind, and rain

  • Super light and quiet while offering a good drag power

  • Drag can comfortably withstand deep water hurdles under a very powerful strong current without wavering


  • A bit pricey but comes with a sufficient value proposition

4. Cadence CS10 | Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

Cadence CS10

The Cadence CS10 spinning reel is structured to provide users with a greater value than its competitors. It is made lightweight and suitable for the lightweight expedition by using a combination of magnesium and carbon. Its bearings are corrosion resistant which makes it suitable for use in both salt and fresh water.

Its aluminum braid ready spool contains a drag system made of carbon fiber to offer steady pressure. CS10 is suitable for fishing various species including freshwater game fish like walleye, trout, and bass. You can’t go wrong using it to target inshore species like redfish, spotted trout and flounder.

This Cadence CS10 reel is an awesome fishing gear at the most affordable price point. It’s surprisingly smooth; agreeably light and suitable for all forms of ultralight long day fishing out experience.

The handle gives you a good grip while yanking to reverse for the setting of the hook. Although it is not produced by one of the popular brands, it will overperform your expectations. You’ll always be happy to come across the reel.

Its gear ratio and the inches per turn are four times faster than that of Pflueger. It is great for targeting walleye during late fall.

This reel comes with features that will amaze any passionate fisherman, has excellent functionality compared to the Shimano reels that come with Hagane gears. More fascinating is that it sells at roughly half the price. It is super cheap compared to related products.

It comes with a better fit and an overwhelmingly good finish than the crank handle in a Pfluger President XT. Many fishermen and angular who used it swear to the excellent performance and high quality.


  • Extremely smooth and comes with a perfect drag system

  • Cranking power is unsullied

  • Pricing is also accurate for the value

  • Everything about it is perfectly structured and unequaled

  • The cranking power, bailspin, anti-reverse knob, and drag setting work smooth and quiet


  • Worth every penny, but won’t meet high expectations