What Are The Different Types Of Fishing Rods?

In recent times, we have experienced a grating change in technology in every aspect of ingenuity to ever have been made or developed.

This has never left out the fishing rods, though an ancient method of fishing remains the most used method. With this, there had to be developed and various kinds of fishing rods to cater for the different preference of people.

Below, we talked about the different types of rods available for fishing till today.

Types Of Fishing Rods

1. Fly Rods

Fly Rods

These rods are made of variety in both shapes and sizes; they innately are premeditated for fly fishing. This means they are flexible thus allowing one graft the back flies and forwards.They are light in weight and small when compared to some other rods.

With their variation in size, they are made to pull small such as neon tetra and the tiniest trout fish in the ponds or small mountain streams to the larger lake fish such as tuna and marlin.

A key distinction of this fly rod to the rest of the fishing rod is the lack of a butt piece after the reel.This makes angling simple with cast speed and casting freely.

An advantage of theirs is having a specialized eye that carb tangles when casting as they are made to guide weighty fly line. The recent fly line is designed with carbon fiber, which gives them optimum litheness and strength.

2. Casting Rods

Casting Rods

This is a fishing rod designed for accuracy as it allows fishermen to place the bait accurately and lure the fish as they want. The rod is categorized into two; the bait casting rod and the spin casting rod.

Modern rods have no differentiation and thus sold merely as just casting rods with the eye on both at the top.

With the eyes closed to the reel and somewhat smaller owing that the difference is how the baitcasting reels peel off on the line. Spin casting rod has fore figure trigger clasp and small eyes though they have a larger eye near the reel designed to be essential with spin casting reels.

3. Ice Fishing Rod

Ice Fishing Rod

These rods are shorter to ensure the lack of available space while ice fishing. They are similar to the spinning rod. At most, they are 25 to 37 inches in length, and compared to the traditional spinning rod, they have fewer eyes.

This is considered the most ancient fishing rod in the market as also it has no reel but instead, it uses two hooks which are the opposing hooks attached on the rod for one to wind the line about by hand.

4. Spinning Rod

Spinning Rod

This type is very much similar to the casting rod; nevertheless, they are mostly lighter and shorter than the casting rod. They come however mounted with a large eye which reduces friction on the casting line when casting.

They ranged in size of between 4 and 9 feet and mounted with around 5 to 9 eyes on each rod.The significant difference between the casting rod and spinning rod is in how they are used.

With casting, reels are mounted on the rod top when being used, whereas spinning reels (“the eggbeater”) suspend underneath. It provides a conducive and more natural way of fishing.

This is because spinning rods are the most widely used by any fisherman even the newbies.

5. Sea Fishing Rod

Sea Fishing Rod

You can already sense that this method is used in the sea, right?

Yup, as its name suggests. This has numerous varieties to suit different needs from while used in a boat to when used in ships.

That is they are short to satisfy boat fishing and long to enable ship fishing. The lines of this type of rod need to be extremely tough (thick and heavy duty) with huge tips and large eyes.Besides,a great keg for easy capturing of the fish while fighting.

These colossal sea rods are used for fishing large fish like the game and the shark.

6. Trolling Rod

Trolling Rod

This type is preferably a fun type rod. It is mainly used to cajole a fish to foray; this is because they are supported behind a moving boat. Mostly, they are aimed at capturing large game fish, for example, the marlin and the tuna.

The best rod to be a trolling rod is long and relatively heavy built with fast action. They are mainly targeting large types of fish. But as spinning rod does the same job more accurately, it is rarely used.

7. Telescopic Rod

Telescopic Rod

This is known as the supreme compacted rod. It is mainly due to the capability of them extending to quite a range as they are one or two feet long when closed.And, the length extends to about twenty feet when it shoots.

Though some of this rods are eyeless, the rod itself acts as the eye by the line passing in these specialized rods. In some of these rods, the extending part reminds you about the spinning rod, having a flexible tip. It makes casting much handier.

These type of rods are mostly prevalent with the surf fishermen due to their easy folding and small storage space for transportation.

8. Surf Rod

Surf Rod

These rods are very long and well-built to manage in the sea. They can also be categorized as sea rods, but due to their prevalence, they warrant their respect for the category.

Also, surf rod can be used for the heavy sinker and bait for casting a long way. Their long kegs allow the two-handed method of throwing. They also represent a more extended and more substantial version of a spinning rod.


It will be enough to acknowledge what purpose will the fishing rod perform for an individual and the type of fishing whether amateur or professional.
As every fishing rod I intended to perform, some functions are task-specific for the performance. But more necessarily,we look at the casting and the spinning rods to incorporate most of the fishing rods.

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