how fast do cory catfish grow

How Fast do Cory Catfish Grow?

Cory catfish, also known as Corydoras, are very popular among freshwater tank owners. These miniature catfish have the same whisker-like barbels as their larger cousin breeds. Cory’s take popularity over other catfish breeds for their simple and easy care routine. With corydoras being so popular, you’re probably wondering if you can fit one in your freshwater tank!

How fast do cory catfish grow? Well, it depends on what you consider “grown”. Overall, cory catfish grow rapidly fast. Cory catfish reach their full adult size around the same time they reach sexual maturity, at around nine to twelve months old.

You’re probably wondering exactly how large is a corydoras catfish at adult size? Read on to learn the exact timeline of a cory catfish’s lifecycle. As well, how their size will change throughout their life and appropriate tank requirements and tankmates for them!  Are Cory Catfish the right pet for you?

What is a Cory Catfish?

Cory catfish are a smaller breed of catfish with venomous spines. These spines pose no threat to other marine life, cories are known for being very friendly. Just don’t touch their spine, to avoid slight stinging. They naturally inhabit creeks and small flowing bodies of water.

cory catfish (corydoras)

They can grow to be anywhere from 2.5-5 inches long. They weigh only ounces and are almost translusent. Cories typically live for around seven to twelve years. This breed of catfish does have scales contrary to their cousin breeds and come in all colors and patterns. Corydoras enjoy living in schools or groups, usually with a minimum of six fish.

Breeding and Conception

Cory catfish can begin breeding anywhere from nine to twelve months of age. It is recommended to separate your fish from the general population if you are doing this at home. Male cories are typically longer and thinner, while females are more bulky in the middle and shorter in length. Most pet stores sell fish tanks made specifically for breeding fish. Female cories will lay ten to fifteen eggs once a week if conditions stay correct. Male cories will fertilize the eggs and babies will come quickly after!

Incubation and Hatching

Corydoras eggs incubate for about three to six days. After this incubation period, the eggs will hatch into babies, also called “fry”. This incubation period is risky because adult cory catfish enjoy snacking on their own eggs. Its best to separate the parents from their eggs after fertlization, hence the breeding tank.

After hatching, the babies can be raised in this separate breeding tank. The babies are fed “fry” food from the pet store, and usually get to a sellable size around three months of age. Fry food usually includes ground worms, larvae, insects and plants. If you’re not selling your cory babies, this three month mark would be a good time to integrate the babies into the general population tank back with their parents.

Age of Sexual Maturity

Cory catfish can reach sexual maturity anywhere in between nine to twelve months. They lay eggs to be fertilized by a male and usually hatch rather quickly if not eaten by either parent. Female cories will lay eggs once a week under the right conditions. Cories can lay and fertilize eggs from sexual maturity until the end of their life (7-12 years).

Sizes of Cory’s During Their Life

Cory catfish are one of the smallest breeds of catfish to exist! Not as small as the asian stone catifsh of course, but definitely in the top 10 smallest breeds. When first hatched, baby cory catfish are just about the size of your fingernail. By two weeks old, they are about the size of a penny. By three months, they are the size of a large goldfish and large enough to sell. By the time they are twelve months, they are full-grown at 2.5 inches long.

Cory Catfish Tank Essentials

Cory catfish require a minimum of at least a 10-gallon tank. You could have six dwarf species of cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank comfortably. For all other varieties or more than six fish, a 20-gallon tank is ideal.

The bottom of the tank should have smooth sand or gravel. The tank ideally should be kept at around 74 to 80 degrees fairenheight. As well, you will need a good filtration system. Cories are bottom dwellers but thrive with a small current. You can have other fish living in the tanks with them, just make sure it’s a fish breed that mingles well!

Fish Breeds That Mingle With Corydoras

Cory catfish usually pair well with any tankfish known for being non-aggressive and friendly in nature. They are known for getting along with most other freshwater tank fish breeds. Good tankmates for cories would be other catfish and cories are always good fits,  as well as tetras, swordtails,  mollies, guppies, angelfish, danios, platies, bamboo shrimp, vampire shrimp, and various snails.

Cory Catfish as Pets

Cory catfish complete their entire growth process within the span of twelve months or one year. Cory catfish grow to a sellable size (about the size of a goldfish), at around three months old. Cories reach sexual maturity and obtain their adult size between nine to twelve months of age. The ideal tank size for cory catfish is a 20-gallon tank. Corydoras are friendly non-aggressive fish, so they get along with most other freshwater tank fish breeds. Cory catfish make great pets for their simple care routines, small  manageable size, and calm demenor. Cory catfish can live from seven to twelve years long, so they are a long commitment as pets.