how much is a bass fishing boat

How Much is a Bass Boat (10 Real-World Examples)

There are many types of bass boats, and with new models being released every year, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how much a bass boat costs. However, the most common factor that determines the bass boat a person chooses is the price. So, how much is a bass boat in 2022?

The average bass boat cost is between $20,000 and $40,000. Note that not all bass boats are created equal, and prices can vary drastically depending on numerous components of each boat’s quality and features.

There are many factors to consider when discussing bass boat cost, including manufacturer, materials, technology, and motors. This article will provide information to help you understand the price range of bass boats and the various features that impact price.

bass boat cost

Example Prices for Average Bass Boat Costs

  1. Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk: $38,354
  2. Lowe Stryker 16: $17,900
  3. Nitro Z21: $45,595
  4. Ranger Z518C: $46,895
  5. Xpress X19 Pro: $35,995
  6. Bass Tracker Classic XL: $15,995
  7. Ranger Z518C: $46,895
  8. Triton 21 TRX: $72,595
  9. Nitro ZV19: $48,995
  10. Tracker Pro Team 190 TX: $19,495

How Does Manufacturer Affect Price?

Certain bass boat manufacturers are known for their budget-friendly boats. Owned by Bass Pro Shops, Tracker Boats offers bass boats, jon boats, deep V boats, and other models. Since Bass Pro Shops is able to produce and sell a large volume of Tracker Boats, their costs are often lower than other boat manufacturers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ranger Boats and Skeeter Boats tend to produce highly expensive bass boats, which can often reach six-figure pricetags. Choosing the right manufacturer can be key in finding a bass boat in the price range you want.

How do Materials Affect Bass Boat Price?

The two common materials for bass boats are aluminum and fiberglass. Producing aluminum boats is less costly, therefore aluminum boats tend to be less expensive for the buyer.

Fiberglass boats also tend to weigh more than aluminum, which makes them less fuel efficient than aluminum boats. Ultimately, the price of materials and the fuel efficiency of aluminum allows aluminum boats to be less expensive than fiberglass boats.

What Is the Highest Priced Bass Boat?

While the average angler would most likely never pay more than $40,000 for a high-quality bass boat, there are still luxury bass boats designed for those who may favor a more high-end model.

For example, according to Skeeter Boats, the 2022 Skeeter FXR21 Apex Bass Boat is sold at an MSRP of $100,760, not including freight and prep fees. The Z Comanche Z521L from Ranger Boats is also widely acknowledged as one of the most expensive bass boats on the market, also having the potential to reach a price over $100,000 depending on optional features.

What Is the Lowest Priced Bass Boat?

Those new to bass fishing or those looking to purchase their first bass boat without breaking the bank too much may look for a below average priced boat. There are two approaches for finding a less expensive bass boat:

  1. Purchasing a lower-end boat
  2. Searching for a deal on a used boat

If you want original ownership of a brand new bass boat that does not require you to drain your wallet of $40,000, the best route to take may be to purchase the Bass Tracker Classic XL. This boat is widely known as the most budget friendly bass boat on the market, and, while it does not have many of the features you will find on a higher-end boat, it is still an excellent budget-friendly option at around $15,995.

If you are interested in having more features on your bass boat, but still want to remain budget-friendly, it is often helpful to search for a used bass boat. Used boats tend to be sold thousands of dollars below their original pricetags, allowing you to purchase a boat with the features you want without spending more money than you hope to spend.

How Do I Find the Bass Boat That Is Best for My Budget?

Ultimately, choosing the best bass boat for your budget comes down to what features you determine to be necesssary for your boat. If you consider top of the line technology, the high horsepower, and an advanced trolling motor to be absolutely necessary, expect to pay top-dollar for your boat.

On the contrary, if you are just seeking a vessel to get you on the water and do not care for all the bells and whistles of a more expensive bass boat, go with a lower-end boat or a used boat that is within your price range.

What matters most for choosing the bass boat that is best for your budget is understanding what is important to you and what value you hope to get out of it. If the boat you choose meets your needs and you can afford it, you cannot go wrong.

How Expensive Are Fish Finders?

Fish finders are perhaps the most important piece of technology on a fisherman’s boat. There are hundreds of fish finders to choose from and each has its own unique features and capabilities. But just how much do fish finders affect bass boat price?

Fish finders can range in price from near $100 to several thousand dollars. One of the most budget-friendly fish finders on the market is the Garmin Striker 4, which can be purchased for around $130, depending on the store. This fish finder is one of the most basic on the market, providing anglers with a traditional sonar experience and mapping software to allow for the creation and storage of maps, waypoints, and travel routes.

One of the most expensive fish finders on the market is the Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv, which comes in at a price point of around $2,099. This fish finder is supportive of the Garmin Panoptix LiveScope System, which runs an additional $1,499, bringing the total cost to around $3,598. As is obvious by the price difference between the two fish finders mentioned in this article, the wide variety in fish finder technology options can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a bass boat.

How Expensive Are Trolling Motors?

Similar to the variety in fish finder technology, trolling motors come in a wide range of prices and features that can have thousands of dollars of impact on the overall price of a bass boat.

The least expensive trolling motor listed on the Bass Pro Shops website is the Minn Kota Endura C2 Transom Mount Trolling Motor. This hand-controlled trolling motor costs between $99 and $249, and is a very budget friendly option for casual bass anglers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Garmin Force Trolling Motor, which is priced at $3,549. This is a front-mounted trolling motor and supports navigation, autopilot, and anchor lock capabilities. It also includes a built in CHIRP sonar and Ultra High-Definition sonar to provide clear images with low interference from the motor. Higher-end trolling motors tend to incorporate additional technology, which increases their price point and the overall price of the bass boat.

How Expensive Are Outboard Motors?

Perhaps the most important feature of a bass boat is the outboard motor. The outboard motor is what provides speed and control to the boat. Outboard motors can varry in horsepower from 2.5 HP all the way up to around 600 HP, but most bass boats have outboard motors between 50HP and 250 HP. The horsepower of an outboard has the most impact on its cost.

A 2020 Mercury Marine 50HP 4-stroke EFI is priced at $6,538, while a 2020 Mercury 250XL Pro XS comes in around the $10,500 price point. Various bass boats are rated for different horsepower outboard motors, so choosing the proper outboard ultimately comes down to the capabilities of your boat and the size of your budget.