Jimmy Styks Puffer Review – A Good Inflatable SUP for Touring

Cruising around a lake has never been simple. It will be tough to find a person who doesn’t love river cruising.

Being a hobbyist angler, I am not an exception when it comes to cruising around lakes on a bright sunny day.

I have been using the inflatable board for over a year now, and I must say I honestly am amazed to see how much the developers of the boat has done to make it the best out there.

Hence I am going to write a review on Jimmy Styks Puffer to give you guys a clearer overview of what it’s like in real.

Built & Design

Let’s be honest, Jimmy styks puffer is a beautifully constructed board from high quality material that is sure to catch your eye at first glance.

The Dimensions of the Jimmy styks paddle board is 38.6 x 18.8 x 12.6 inches.
Dual Layers of drop stitch materials is used for the construction of this board which is inflatable up to 18 PSI.

Jimmy styks puffer paddle board weighs around 37.5 pounds that can support an enormous weight of 280 pounds.

Top of the board is made up of comfortable soft foam layer on top and a durable hard plastic surface on the underside.

Travel paddle is made of massively durable carbon fiber.

Partaking Features to Mention

Jimmy Styks Puffer

Built and design may draw in numerous clients, yet what pulled in me towards this particular paddle board are its user friendly features. Below, I will list and describe a portion of the critical elements that I cherish about the item.


This is one of the most compelling features of the product. The Jimmy styks puffer paddleboard is made from a fine grade of materials. Dual Layers of drop stitch materials are used for the board which is very sturdy in long terms of use.


Jimmy styks puffer is a multipurpose water sports board which can be utilized on any water action. You can take the board surfing if you need and the board will perform fine and dandy under that condition.

The board is fundamentally intended to be utilized on quiet waters. This is the place you will have the capacity to appreciate the board and will see the board perform getting it done.

Most extreme load on the board is additionally fantastic. The Jimmy styks puffer paddle board can support up to 280 pounds which is fantastic. Indeed, even with this heap on the board, you are not going to perceive any sort of strength issues.

Making the board as steady as conceivable was a real challenge for the makers of this boat. With much modifications, it finally yielded a winning stitch.

When expanded you can even perform yoga on the board, and it will not flip over. Not literally to be precise, but a close example to give an idea how stable it behaves.

Easy to Carry

With a weight of approximately 38 pounds, this thing can be carried anywhere effortlessly. The board can easily be deflated and stored in a bag pack which can later be transported easily.

Free Accessories

It always feels good to get something extra, something you didn’t pay for, absolutely free! Right?

Yes, Jimmy styles is one of such companies to offer such surprises to its customers which is the reason they gift you extras with the board.
A paddle made of carbon fiber, a pump, and a click and go fin is included with the board.

They will also include in a high-quality bag pack so that you will be able to carry your travel belongings with you inside the bag.


  • Durable

  • Cheap to buy

  • Can be carried easily

  • High usability

  • Attaching the fin is easy


  • No colour choice

  • Slow on water


All things considered, this will rely upon your personality. The board is intended to be utilized fully, however in the event that you are wanting to utilize it like a surfboard consistently, this may very well not be compatible with you.

In the event that you are the sort of individual who wants to appreciate the water and politely voyage at first glance, at that point, this will be the best thing to claim.


Do you want to buy a new board every year?

I am sure, you don’t. At least, I don’t want to buy and spend 700/800 bucks every time on a board. I love cruising in lake and I want my board to be long lasting.

The jimmy styks puffer board exactly does the job for it. No matter if you use it for cruising or for surfing, you are surely to enjoy the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions that I noticed on the internet regarding this product. Pardon my limitations, and do some searches on Google for further queries.

Where can I use this board?

– The jimmy puffer styks puffer board can be used in all type of lakes for cruising. It can also be used for surfing in seas.

How big is the bag provided with it?

– The bag provided by the manufacturer was big enough to hold the board itself along with all the accessories that were provided with it.

Can I use the board for long periods of time?

– The answer is yes. Due to the construction of the jimmy styks puffer board from heavy duty material, it can take heavy damages and can be used for many years.

Note that Worth – Is The Jimmy Styks Puffer Worth It’s Investment?

It can be said without a doubt that this is a fabulous item and one of the best in its class as an inflatable board. The jimmy styks puffer board can beat all its rivals due to its sleek design, gorgeous eye catching colour, and most importantly its easy-to-use features.

Being a user of this inflatable board myself, I can confidently say that it’s a true worth of your money and you definitely can’t find a better option for 700 bucks.