Shimano TLD 15 Review – Well-Built & Versatile Reel

Sports fishing had become a widespread sporting activity in the last century or so. As a fisherman myself, sports fishing is my most favorite hobby.

And, let me tell you, when it comes to sports fishing, the perfect combination reel is very crucial. It’s more than the obvious!

I know a reel that does the job for it.

Well, I have been using it for very long, and hence I thought to write my own review on it. So, here it goes, people!

My version of the Shimano TLD 15 review begins..


The Dimensions are 7.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and consists of four ball bearings with a gear ratio of 4.0:1.

What’s more, body development of Shimano TLD 15 is made with a lightweight graphite casing and aluminium spool which makes it entirely sturdy.
Shimano TLD 15 weighs around 18.6 ounces and can deliver a maximum drag power of 22lbs.

It can provide a smooth drag force even under expansive force. Moreover, these reels are made in such a way that it can be easily used by anyone no matter if the individual is an amateur or a professional.

Nothing can be more eye catching than the matt graphite frame along with the glossy aluminium spool which makes it more likeable to the user.

Overall, the build and design of the reel was verily fair and just for the price it takes if compared to its counterparts.


Shimano TLD 15

Build and design may draw in numerous clients, yet what pulled me in towards the Shimano TLD 15 are the features. Down underneath, I will list and portray a portion of the key elements that I cherished about the item.


The most important feature when it comes to sports fishing is the weight of the reel. Luckily,with this contender, Shimano just did the perfect job for it.

It weighs only around 18.6 ounces making it very lightweight and easy to operate.


Since the frame of the reel is made up of graphite and aluminum, the structure is very stable and rigid. The following material makes it very durable in long terms of use.

Line Capacity

After lightweight, another most important feature for a fishing reel is to check the capacity of the reel. Every fisherman has at least one experience where the fishing line broke down due to heavyweight.

However, the TLD 15 model’s line capacity is very compatible with versatile weights due to its different line capacity. It comprises of Mono line capacity (lbs/yd): 20/450, 25/350, 30/300 and a Power Pro line capacity (lbs/yd): 50/700, 65/530, 80/405.

Drag Force

What is a good reel without a good drag force?

The Shimano reel at hand packs a massive drag force of 22 lbs making the drag smooth while pulling large loads of fishes. Super smooth action and you can winch in a much bigger fish than you might think.

The maximum drag at full with the free spool is 30 pounds, which is massive for a reel this size and weight.


The Shimano TLD 15 is a multipurpose reel that can be used in both saltwater and freshwater and can be used to catch any types of fish regardless of the size and nature of the fish.

It has been designed to fulfil all requirements of the user making it a complete package. So it won’t be wrong if you call it Shimano TLD 15 combo.

Easy Installation

The installation of Shimano TLD 15 to the fishing rod is easy as a piece of cake. It is same as any other standard reel. The reel can be set up within minutes.


  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • High drag force

  • Strong line capacity

  • Can be used for all purpose of fishing


  • Handle of the reel is a bit small

  • Retrieval handle could be improved

  • A higher speed would be nice when you hit depths of 180 or more


Well, as all other products, this will depend on your personality. The Shimano TLD 15 is designed for all types of fisherman regardless of the fact whether they are amateur or professional.

If you love fishing, then beyond question this will be the reel for you to own and use. It doesn’t matter if you use theTLD 15 for saltwater or freshwater, to catch fishes of small size or large size. This will get the job done for you.