Simrad Go9 Xse Review – Good for a Professional Fisherman?

If you are just interested in sports fishing or even a professional fisherman like me where you catch fishes to make money then Fish Finders are not a new technology for you, but a device to make your catch easier.

No one knows shorelines better than a fisherman. And to make that job easier as a professional fisherman myself, I have been using Simrad Go9 XseFishfinder for two years now.

Down below, I will be reviewing the product and will share my experience while using the product.

Built & Design

I prefer my devices to be beautifully designed and well-built and this product certainly stands up to that mark. With dimensions of “18 x 10 x 6 inches,” the product weighs around 10.8lbs.

Do you want a fish finder that doesn’t last long? I am sure you don’t.Build from rugged military grade material,it is sure to have a prolonged life. A large WVGA TFT display of 9″ is included in it with a resolution of 800H x 480V.

A total scan transducer is included in the fish finder along with a transom holder.

Partaking Features Worth Mentioning

Simrad Go9 Xse

Fishing helps me to put bread and butter on the table for me and my family, which is why Design alone is not enough for me to buy a product. A good-looking Fish finder is of no use if the features are not good enough.

To my surprise, Simrad was actually the first fish finder which not only looked good but also was feature packed.

Let’s have a look at what the device has to offer.

1. GPS Navigation System

Any Fish Finder is useless without a good included GPS. Go9 has got a built-in powerful GPS of 10Hz that helps to map down up to 10.000 waypoints.

With this fast and impressive GPSsystem, you will never lose your way around the ocean. It includes a unique feature of noting down the movement of the boat.

2. Huge Display

Many of us don’t have good eyesight and let’s face the fact that none of us likes to pressurize our eyes to see the display of the fish finder to find our required info.

This product has got the solution for you; it is built with a huge display of 9 inches that shows all the required information on the screen. At least from my experience of two years of using this fish finder, I never had a complaint about this impressive display.

3. TotalScan Transducer

The device’s TotalScan Transducer is a feature that has a two-dimensional Chirp technology which allows creating a two-dimensional image and also create downscan and sidescan sonar images.

The transducer is built in such a way that it is an all-rounder in the field of sonar imaging. It has a tremendous ability to reach a very high depth of around 334 yards.

Take a couple of minutes and try to think of a product without advantages and disadvantages. Can you?

You can’t. This item has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, I will talk in details about that.

  • A large display of 9 inches

  • Two-dimensional Sonar chirp imaging technology

  • A multi-range of frequency allowing image scanning at greater depths and all side

  • A powerful built-in GPS navigation system of 10hz

  • Unique options like a graph of temperature and zoom split feature

  • Only the transducer has the transom mount

  • The display is touchscreen. But that means you have to wash your hand every time you want to use the fish finder

Battery & Compatibility

The product needs an input power of 12v DC. So the device is compatible with the most rechargeable battery of 12v.

No matter if you are just a guy who fancies sports fishing or some heavy professional who catches fish to earn his life, you can find this device useful due to its features.These make it a GO for a device for an amateur or a pro.


Whenever I buy a device of this kind, the number one question that pops in my mind is how to install the device, cause let’s face the fact that I am a fisherman, not a tech expert or an engineer.

SimradGO9 XSE gives me relief from this tension; the installation is so easy that it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up with your boat.


As I said earlier, who knows the shorelines better than a fisherman!
From my two-year experience of using the product, I can assure any fisherman that this is going to be one of the best fish finder your money can buy.

I have use many fish finders from different brands but none has given me a better service than this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know whether it’s just me or also you that while buying anything, multiple questions go around the head. So without delay, let’s see some of the issues that can pop around your head while buying.

1. Is It possible to add a 4G radar to the Simrad Go9 Xse?

– Yes, it is possible to add a 4G radar to the device, in fact, I later added a 4g radar to the device.

2. Do I need an extra transducer to perform a sidescan and a downscan?

– No, the included sensor works fine and can perform both sidescan and a downscan. No additional transducer is needed for this.

3. Does Simrad Go9 Xse have thru-hull transducer option?

– Yes, it does have the choice of the thru-hull transducer, but you have to buy it extra from Simrad.

Note That Worth – Is The Simrad Go9 Xse Worth Its Investment?

Good things doesn’t come for cheap. However, after buying Simrad Go9 Xse for under 1000 dollars, I can say for sure that it is the best use of your thousand bucks.

If you have been fishing for long, you must know all the devices you need, but this item is designed in such a way that you can get your all fish finding tasks done within the use of this single device.

It’s an all-rounder when it comes to fish finder.