The 5 Best Crawfish Traps – Top Picks Reviewed

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity this coming weekend, then crawfish catching is the one for you!

It is known to upgrade the typical fishing experience, and of course, there is the extra utility of a tasty meal in the process. Though, before doing so, the primary challenge that you may encounter is to find a suitable crawfish trap for the job.

You may ask yourself ‘what should I pick?’ or ‘how does it function?’ as you stumble upon many types of traps in the choices. Worry no more! Sit back, relax, as this review can help you find the best crawfish traps that you can consider buying!

Who Needs Crawfish Traps?

Crawfish Traps are needed and used by fishermen, marine enthusiast, or those who simply want to catch crawfish. It is known to be convenient and is easily operated since all you need is a bait, a trap, and a determination to help you through it.

Though, when interacting with crawfish, the user would need a considerable amount of tolerance to pain since they can accidentally pinch you in the process.

With this said, do not be afraid to get hurt every once in a while, as it can surely be worthwhile with the experience you can take home with you!

Our Top Picks For The Best Crawfish Traps

For the upcoming crab trapping season, you would need the best crawfish trap in your budget.

1. Frabill Deluxe Vinyl Crawfish Trap with 2-Piece Torpedo

Many inexpensive traps do not work according to your liking, but with this Frabill crawfish trap, you will surely get what you pay for! It is one of the best-selling traps as of today’s time and it has gained that title mainly for its durability.

It also offers a wide selection of usage and is beginner friendly since it is not complicated to use.

As the name implies, the design involves a 2-piece variety that makes the installation of bait and removal of crawfish easier. Also, it has a black color variety that blends with the surrounding smoothly alongside another important factor; a heavy-duty steel mesh is used in making the product and that makes it sturdy.

This product is preferred by many since it can bait small fishes and crawfish in a short period, despite not needing to exert effort in the making. It is perfect for those that are starting in the industry or would want to try it.

  • It is easy to use

  • Long-lasting and durable construction

  • Can camouflage in structure

  • The trap wire does not line up perfectly

  • The clip is tight in the first months of usage

  • No bait holder is built-in

Frabill Deluxe Vinyl Crawfish Trap

2. Frabill Crawfish Trap 8x8x18-Inch, Black

This type of Frabill crawfish trap offers plenty of years in service! It is a crawfish trap buoy that floats on water, and its structure is known to be saltwater safe. The dimensions surely allow the access for massive catching, whenever you would want plenty of crawfish as your treat of the day.

The trap offers its heavy-duty characteristic, as it is made up of sturdy vinyl steel mesh. Also, the color variety also has the camouflage characteristic with black all throughout the instrument. Also, the rustproof quality adds to the equation of a good trap!

With this trap, the amount of crawfish you can contain is 15 pieces on an average, depending on location. It is best for those who catch crawfish for a living or would want to find as much as they can. Moreover, the structural base of the cage and it’s overall makeup avoids for it to collapse due to the weight.

  • Well-built ​​​​​and rust-proof

  • Safe in saltwater

  • With added camouflage characteristic

  • Linings are not even

  • The setup is not as easy as the other types

Frabill Crawfish Trap 8x8x18-Inch

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3. Drasry Crab Lobster Crawfish Shrimp Portable Folded Cast Net Collapsible Trap

Looking at an ideal crawfish trap for casual fishers? Look no more as this type is suited for casual anglers.

It is known for its up-to-par catching performance, as it is structured in a way that the crawfish will surely access it up to no return. Also, its simple structure holds up to its durability as it is made up of nylon and an alloy that is combined with a great design.

The trap offers a natural usage characteristic with its open structural composition that makes the job quick and smooth. Due to this, the user would have less probability of getting bitten during its usage.

Furthermore, it also advertises for different seafood baits aside from crawfish, such as shrimp and crab as seconded by its classification. Since it is foldable, the trap is easy to be stored anywhere.

  • Strong steel structure and is well-built

  • Lightweight and can be carried or stored easily

  • User-friendly since it allows access without getting bitten often

  • Opening is small

  • The lining is not uniform

  • Not suited for catching significant amounts

Drasry Crab Lobster Crawfish Trap

4. Willapa Marine Crawfish Trap

It can be used as a buoy, or as a crawfish trap for the yard! It includes a bait holder, which means that you would not need any additional storage since it is already built in its structure. Also, the two mesh tunnels allow it to catch the crawfish in both directions, increasing the probability of the catch.

With its small vinyl coated wire, the sturdiness of the design is ensured as well as the storing of fish and they are done quite efficiently. It can save at least 20 pieces on average, with up to 50 bits depending on the availability.

It is ideal for bulky catching possibilities, especially for those who aim for a lot of fish. All you need is to set up the bait, and you are good to go!

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Allows the storage in significant amounts

  • Has two-way entrance that makes the trap catch in both directions

  • It can rust

  • The mesh can be too open

  • The opening of the cage does not allow the catch of big crabs

Willapa Marine Crawfish Trap

5. South Bend Wire Trap

Want a trap that does not collapse? Then this type is suitable for you! It is known for its corrosion-resistant characteristic, despite the weight of crawfish that its stores. The easy bait-removal is also an add-on quality.

It is also preferred for shrimp catching but is too small for crabs. Moreover, its functionality solely relies on whether the water is deep enough to cover the trap since it is a crawfish trap buoy.

The trap is ideal and preferred for beginners or those that want to catch crawfish for fun. But everything comes down to the buyer’s preference, so if you are one of those that prefer the sturdiness over dimension, then buy one now!

  • Has a corrosion-proof structure

  • The bait-removal is straightforward and smooth

  • Sturdy in construction and is excellent for beginners

  • Small dimension, not ideal for significant amounts

  • The entrance is small which takes the crawfish a long time to enter

South Bend Wire Trap

Features To Consider Before You Buy

In choosing the crawfish trap, you should know first what you want and need, rather than casually buying the first one you set your eyes on. It saves both your time and budget since it is guaranteed to meet your expectations. To know more about the ideal features, here is the list


“Can the crawfish trap withstand the amount of crawfish I aim?” is the question that needs to be answered while looking for the ideal one. Having a sturdy and corrosion proof structure is essential to store the crawfish efficiently. You would not want it breaking and letting your potential meal run free!


Ask yourself “how many crawfish would I want to catch?” as you look at the different variety of sizes. It is essential for you to not get under or overwhelmed with your catch of the day. Simply find the average amount it can store, then look for an area that is abundant with crawfish.


Of course, you would want a trap that is suited to your budget. Though, lookout for inexpensive traps that does not hold its functionality well. Always look for its offered function, then match it up to what price you are willing to pay for.


Look for openings that are of the appropriate size which can catch crawfishes easily, but is also not big enough to let them out. Take advantage of two-way open structures, as it holds a higher probability in terms of catching. Though, one-way works great too.


When aiming for a buoy, it is ideal for the trap to be rust-free to last for a long period.

Where To Set Crawfish Traps

When aiming to catch some crawfishes, you should first find a location wherein they are known to be abundant. This part should be easy since you can take help of the internet to find the required information. There are more crawfish-harvesting areas than shellfish-harvesting areas.

The areas where they are mostly situated are in ponds, lakes, stream, creak, and rivers near your city. Then, after you go into this spot, look for any possible covers that the crawfish may be situated, which includes the roots and rocks within the location.

With this, set the traps in the areas that will give them cover. It can be in an area with many rocks, dense grass, or lake banks. It can also be in ponds which do not contain massive fishes. Place the trap at the lower half side of the pool to achieve the wanted results which may satisfy you. Also, it is best to catch crawfishes at night!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I keep the crawfish alive after catching it?

– Remember to not store it in the water for it will die from drowning. Instead, keep the crawfish moist by using ice which will make them live longer, but not up to its freezing point.

What is the ideal amount of bait I must put in the crawfish trap?

– It depends on what you prefer, but the more bait you put in the trap, the more fish you will be able to catch. In general, you would want an amount that will last long enough till you pull it out.

Are crawfish traps suitable for catching other seafood such as shrimp and crabs?

– The ability depends on the trap. Some have small openings that do not allow crabs to pass through or big mesh that allows the shrimp to escape free. If it is advertised to do such, then it is possible.

What bait is the best?

– All baits work well. You can use inexpensive chicken parts or salmon trimmings that are mostly free.

How long should the traps be left by themselves?

– Traps can be left to catch fish for a maximum of 24 hours. Now, time depends on its abundance. However, the average time is 3 to 4 hours.

Final Words

With all of the information stated, it is only right for you to find the most suitable trap that you can get.

Are you know geared up for the upcoming crawfish catching season? What are you waiting for? Catch a hefty amount of crawfish now using the best crawfish traps.

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